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The Center has been designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax-deductible.  

To donate cash or by check, mail or drop off your donation to the Center for People in Need, 3901 N. 27th St. Unit 1, Lincoln, NE 68521.

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Planned Gifts

What is a planned gift?

Planned gifts include a variety of charitable giving methods that allow you to express your personal values by integrating your charitable, family and financial goals. With the help of your financial adviser, you can structure a planned, charitable gift that best meets your needs and goals.

Planned gifts can be made with cash, but many planned gifts are made by donating assets such as stocks, real estate, or business interests.  Planned gifts can provide valuable tax benefits and/or lifetime income for you and your spouse or other loved one. The most frequently-made planned gifts are bequests to charities, made through your will. Other popular planned gifts include charitable trusts and charitable gift annuities.

Why should I make a planned gift?

Many people want to make charitable gifts but need to do so in a way that helps meet their other personal, family, or financial needs. Planned gifts give you options for making your charitable gifts in ways that may allow you to:

  • Make a larger charitable gift than you thought possible
  • Increase your current income
  • Plan for the financial needs of a spouse or loved one
  • Provide inheritances for your heirs at a reduced tax cost
  • Reduce your income tax and/or avoid capital gains tax
  • Diversify your investment portfolio
  • Receive income from your personal residence or farm
  • Plan for the transfer of your business
  • Leave a charitable legacy for future generations