Free Senior Portraits, Saturday August 23

On Saturday, August 23, from 10 AM to Noon, we will be offering senior portraits, free of charge, to high school seniors from low-income families. Photos are taken by proffessional photographers and developed at the Center for People in Need (3901 N 27th St, Lincoln, NE 68521). Seniors will recieve a package of photos and a CD that contains digital files. To be eligible, household income must be 150% or less of the poverty line. For more information, call 402-476-4357.

Click here to view the event handout.

The Face of Poverty Today, 2014 Report

We recently released our annual poverty report, The Face of Poverty Today in Lincoln Nebraska for the eighth consecutive year. The survey consists of 1,206 client families who attended the Center’s Toyland for Kids holiday toy distribution.

Among the notable findings, 91% of those surveyed lived below the federal poverty guideline, and 55% lived in “deep poverty”, less than half the federal poverty line.

For the full results of the survey, click here.

2014 Resource Handbooks

Each year, the Center for People in Need releases a Resource Handbook that lists services for low-income residents.  Contained in these books is information about food distributions, emergency housing, health care information, and clothing assistance, along with information for many other services.

To view our most recent Resource Handbook (updated in March 2014), click here. You may also stop by the Center at 3901 N 27 St to pick up a copy. 


Affordable Care Act Implementation

With the implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, many changes will be coming to our healthcare system in 2013 and 2014. To stay up to date on the latest information on how these changes could affect you, please visit the Healthcare.gov blog, or visit our Health Hub page






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